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I am not a hat wearer per say but I do love looking at hats, shopping for hats and helping people find what looks good on them and finally find the perfect hat.  One might wonder how I ever got into selling hats.  If you had told me oneyear ago that I would have a hat store I would have said you’re crazy.
Back inMarch of 2004 I mortgaged a commercial building with my husband’s help indreams of having a music club where people could come and meet other musiciansand learn to sing and play instruments. That dream became a reality and I hosted Jam sessions, karaoke, playedprofessionally, became a recording engineer etc. etc.   Theclub had served a great purpose but after 7 years it was time to move on tosomething else.
To makea long story short(er) we rented most of our space to another business for twoyears.  I ended up with a small area onone side where I did my custom tile printing and other custom printing.  I didn’t have money to spend on advertisingand word of mouth wasn’t happening.  I had to think of something else to bring in income.
  My sister-in- law had mentioned she alwayswanted to have a hat store so I gave her the opportunity to rent from me.  She never took me up on it.   Oneday when I was at a job site estimating a custom tile project the customer andI got in to a conversation about hats. It turns out her mother was a millinerand she had some hats that her mother who was now deceased had made.  They were beautiful.   I didn’t get the order for custom tiles but itdid stir up excitement about how hats were made and playing with the idea ofselling hats.   I began researching thedifferent styles, fabrics, what was in style and available to buy and soon.  I managed to find a couple ofwholesalers that would let me order one or two of each kind so I could get avariety of hats stocked.  I had sold ballcaps and a few other hats when I had the music novelty items but I had nevertried the fashion hats etc.   I only hadan 8 foot wide aisle in which to put my hats and for people to walk around inso I started small.  In October of 2012 I began to test the market for selling hats and started with just a few styles.
Through many up and down days of no sales to one or two sales from October 2012 toMarch 2013 I managed to stay positive about the hats.  People were starting to call it a hat storeand spreading the word . In January 2013 we gave the tenants notice to vacatefor various reasons and I really started to get excited about having space tostock more styles of  hats and offerbetter customer service and maybe even try my hand at making hats.  Men and women were coming in asking forcertain styles and I was getting a good idea of what would sell and whatwouldn’t.  So here we are March 27,2013.  Five days left before the tenantsvacate their space and then we can start the renovation.   I am so looking forward to a whole new floorplan and accessibility.  
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