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Hat Matters

There is a lot to know about hats.  It doesn't matter how much time I spend researching and reading articles about hats I always learn something new.  I get a lot of information from the internet but I get just about as much info from my customers.  Just about everyday someone comes in and tells me something I didn't know about hats and I'm guessing it will be that way for quite a few years. 
     There is such a wide variety of Fedoras, Top Hats Cloche, Bucket Hats & even Ball Caps, not only the style but the material, size and colour.  More often than not a customer will come in and ask if I have a "Stetson" for example.  Stetson is a brand name and they make just about every style of hat available.  Most times the customer is referring to a tall western hat.  Once we clarify what they are really looking for, we have to know the preferred material and of course colour and size.  Once we have all that figured out the customer can try on either a Stetson or a similar style that is made by another manufacturer and this is sometimes when the customer is very disappointed to learn that this style of hat does not actually suite his face, height and body weight.  He or she then decides that they do not look good in hats and want to give up right away.  I reassure them that they just haven't found the right one and talk them in to trying on a few different styles maybe with different size brims and crown height. 
     We don't always find the perfect hat the first time in.  Patience is important!  It sometimes takes a few shopping trips to find the perfect hat and most would agree it is worth the wait.
     Next time I'll write about finding the perfect fit, until then happy hat shopping!
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