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Fall in Love

I'm way behind in blogging, however since spring is here it is time to freshen things up.  If you are looking for love in all the wrong places it could be as simple as donning a hat.  Yes, that's right!  Many of the people I talk to tell me how the hat they got from my store has sparked up a conversation and led to dating etc. etc. 
The comments have been as simple as the hats sometimes:
1.  "Nice hat, I've been looking for one like that!"
2.  "That hat looks really good on you."
3.  "That is an awesome hat, do you collect hats?  I have lots of hats."
So fall in love again, with hats! You never know what it will lead to.  If you don't wear hats yourself but are attracted to someone who does I'm sure they would be willing to get into a conversation about their favourite hat.  "You look great in that hat.  I wish I could wear one.  I don't look good in hat.  Do you have any tips?"
So easy, give it a try.
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